I don’t miss the Bell Ringing, the promotional activities, i.e. Tv, radio, newspaper interviews. I miss hearing all the stories of people in need. The notes written by thankful people, the smiles of little children, the excitement of children giving their toys or a new toy to the less fortunate. I miss being exhausted at the end of the season and yet in my exhaustion still felt with a new awareness the Love of Christ. Oh I am aware of His great love today but, somehow because I haven,t spent myself in exhaustive service it doesn’t feel the same.

This Season I have enjoyed the Corps fellowship more. I have participated as a Soldier, sang in the songster, played in the band, played piano accompaniment for soloist and the congregation, participated in the adult Bible class. For 44 years I was responsible for all these activities but, what joy to just participate. God has really blessed me. I now have a new and exciting ministry that I look forward to everyday.

Christ is love, I love Christ.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Proverbs 13:13
13 Ignore the Word and suffer; honor God’s commands and grow rich.