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Proverbs 13:13

13 Ignore the Word and suffer; 
honor God’s commands and grow rich. 

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Subject: [SA3] January THE MONTHLY ROLL CALL special notice


To All Members Old And New

As a group we have entered a New Year.
During January we had 18 New Members.
3 members unsubscribed from the group and I removed 4 group members.
I have commenced a new recruitment drive and apologies to any group members who having more than one email address have received an email asking them if they wish to join SA3.
If you would like to help in this way with recruiting new member and you have friends who you think would like to become members of salvationarmy3 then please do invite them, or if you wish send me their Email addresses and I will welcome them for you. This is our group and we are all in it together.

As an Army we are about to enter a New Age.
We have a New General Elect, Commissioner Linda Bond and I am sure our thoughts and Prayers are with her as she prepares for her new role. May God annoint her with all that she needs to lead The Salvation Army forward.
God Bless our Group.
God Bless Our New Leader.
God Bless The Salvation Army.

Group Moderator

St. Helier Corps No114
Channel Islands
United Kingdom Territory.__._,_.___